With the freshest catch, fantastic local Ripples and ingredients and a head chef with international experience, it is little surprise that Ripples, Estuary Island's multi-cuisine restaurant, produces such beautiful food.

Set in an informally-designed, open space, Ripples places great emphasis on efficient service and attention to detail, but you will find that it is the food that is the star here.

Sea-Food Barbeque

This open-plan seafood specialty restaurant is aptly situated on the waterfront. The aromas from the chefs cooking the fresh catch and the lovely sea breeze are guaranteed to build up your appetite for the sumptuous fare.

Whether you want to try the fish cooked in the famed local curry with that unique ingredient called the gamboge, or you want your prawns in a continental style, the kitchen is sure to serve up food that will be a memorable part of your holiday.

Deck Dining

Estuary Island is a great honeymoon destination, with the sun, sea and quiet. So, a romantic dining experience is not to be missed. Imagine having a meal and drink with just your loved one in a raised gazebo with the setting sun in the horizon, the tides rising, and fishermen sailing past. It could be a meal you treasure for a long time.
Deck dining is available on request and weather permitting.